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Woman Hit By Truck, Company Refuses to Pay



We know that when you are going through pain and suffering caused by an accident, trying to deal with everything afterwards can be exhausting and challenging.

If you need to file a claim against the other party and prove they were at fault, this can be a difficult task – not to mention, emotionally draining. It’s hard to keep fighting with people who deny your claim simply because they don’t want to pay out money.

That’s why our clients trust us to handle these issues so they can concentrate on getting themselves healthy and feeling better. One such client was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended by a dump truck. The company that owned the truck flat-out refused to pay her dime.

They wouldn’t believe she had suffered any true harm, even though the car she was in was slammed into by a large commercial dump truck.

The dump truck struck with such force that it pushed the car around and placed the passenger side into the path of oncoming traffic, all traveling at a high rate of speed. She suffered a fracture to her face, chest injuries and a severely broken pelvis. Although she underwent multiple pelvic surgeries, she was still left with a permanent limp and pain in the area.

Through the use of expert witnesses, the showing of evidence, and other testimony, we were able to show how the truck driver was at fault for her harm. This in turn made the trucking company at fault for its employee’s actions. They eventually paid $1 million in compensation to her as a result of our efforts.

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Michael Eisner