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Winter weather causes multiple accidents, closing I-90

By Arthur Elk

Whiteout conditions and icy roads caused more than 22 accidents Wednesday afternoon on a 20-mile stretch of I-90 in Northeast Ohio.

According to the Chardon post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, lanes in both directions were closed at State Route 44 in Concord Township. Hundreds of motorists were stranded for hours as emergency crews and law enforcement personnel worked to clear the road.

I watched the news and images from the scene were horrific. One car was trapped between two semis. A big rig ended up on top of a Volkswagen Bug. Dozens of vehicles were crushed and mangled from the collisions.

In spite of how bad the accident looked and the incredibly large number of vehicles involved, the Highway Patrol said there were no serious injuries.

All of these people were very lucky that they were able to walk away from and survive these accidents. As a personal injury attorney, I’ve seen the deadly results of motor vehicle accidents too many times. Lives lost, families devastated and futures cut short. Many accidents can be avoided if people simply planned ahead and used a little extra caution when behind the wheel.

It’s important to give yourself a little extra time when you are traveling on snow-covered roads. Don’t be in such a hurry to get somewhere that you have to drive faster than you should, and end up causing an accident. Always assume that the road that only looks wet might actually be ice-covered, too. And most importantly, keep your attention on the road, not on your cell phone or GPS.

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