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What makes a car safe?

Car buyers typically prioritize safety when they are looking for a new vehicle. Thankfully, motor vehicles are safer than they’ve ever been thanks to various design solutions and technological advancements.

But what, specifically, makes cars safe?

According to this recent article, the elements that make a vehicle safe include:

  • The vehicle’s weight – Heavier cars tend to be safer.
  • The vehicle’s center of gravity – Cars with low centers of gravity are less likely to roll over in a collision.
  • The age of the vehicle – Newer vehicles can come with features and materials that make them safer than older vehicles, including better frames and reverse camera displays.
  • Strong performance in crash tests – These tests examine how vehicles respond in a crash. Those that perform well in these tests receive higher ratings of safety.

These features can help people avoid a crash and stay safer should a crash still occur.

Unfortunately, our cars can only do so much when it comes to keeping us safe and preventing accidents. Much of this responsibility is still in the hands of the people behind the wheel. And when a driver is drunk, distracted, drowsy or overly aggressive, that person is putting the lives of everyone around them in danger.

While we wish that no one would have to suffer serious injuries in a car accident, we know that it can happen to anyone. In these situations, victims and their families should understand their rights to examine their legal options and pursue compensation from a negligent party. Such actions will not undo an accident, but they can help parties recover compensation that can make it a little easier to recover from one.