Where do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries for those involved. The good news is that pedestrian accidents are preventable, so long as drivers and pedestrians take the steps necessary to watch out for one another. However, you need to know where most pedestrian accidents occur so that you can take the steps needed to remain safe. 

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Pedestrian Accidents are a Seattle Problem

When we examine the Crash Portal made available by the Washington Department of Transportation, we can see that there were 85 pedestrians involved in collisions in the Seattle area during the latest reporting year we have on file. Out of these incidents, there were 61 suspected injuries and 20 fatalities. This data shows us that nearly every pedestrian crash that occurs in the city results in some sort of injury or death.

Where do These Incidents Occur?

Because Seattle is a bustling urban area, pedestrians here are statistically much more likely to be involved in an accident with another vehicle. Information from the National Safety Council (NSC) indicates that there is a major statistical difference between the number of pedestrian crash injuries and fatalities in urban areas versus rural areas. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that approximately 82% of all pedestrian deaths during a recent reporting year occurred in urban areas.

Aside from the urban-rural divide when it comes to pedestrian crashes in Washington, we want to look more closely at where in the city these incidents are likely to occur. Turning back to the crash portal data, we can make some inferences by the fact that many of these incidents were called “intersection-related crashes.” This tells us that a significant number of all pedestrian collisions occur at intersections. Sixty-nine of the Seattle pedestrian accidents in 2021 involved a single vehicle, while ten of the incidents involved multiple vehicles.

Additionally, a significant number of pedestrian collisions that occur in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the country occur in non-traffic areas. Even though most pedestrian crashes do occur on the roadway, many pedestrian injuries occur in parking lots, driveway areas, and other types of private property not designated for the usual traffic.

Out of the 85 pedestrian collisions that occurred in 2021 across the city of Seattle, 13 of the incidents involved either a driver or pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any type of intoxicating substance greatly enhances the chance that a pedestrian will be seriously injured on the roadways, regardless of the location. 

Common Pedestrian Injuries

Unfortunately, pedestrians often sustain significant injuries as a result of these collisions. As the numbers above indicate, when a larger vehicle collides with the human body, there is most likely going to be some damage. It is not uncommon for pedestrians to sustain: