Truck accidents vs car accidents

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, many people are especially concerned about its safety. Nobody wants to get into an accident on a Washington roadway, but if it should happen, they want to know they have a good chance of walking away from it. For this reason, many people wonder if they will be better off in a car or a truck.

While each vehicle is different and each accident is different, a basic comparison between cars and trucks shows that trucks come out on top, according to Big City Driver. Trucks beat out cars when it comes to general safety in an accident simply because they are bigger. The bigger vehicle will be sturdier and heavier. It will be able to absorb the impact better, thus providing better protection for the occupants.

That is not to say that trucks are far superior, though. They have their own issues. The biggest one being a pickup or SUV is much more likely than a car to suffer a rollover, which can cause serious injuries. So, this is something to consider.

In addition, when looking at accidents and vehicles, it is important to remember that there are far more cars on the roadways than trucks, cautions Precise Moves. So, while statistics show that only about 9,000 occupants of light trucks were killed in crashes in 2011 but almost 12,000 car occupants were killed, these numbers might be skewed by the fact that there were more accidents involving cars because there were more cars on the roads.