Take these 3 steps after a hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Seattle’s leaders have a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by 2030. Unfortunately, recent statistics indicate there is still much work to do. Regrettably, of the 14 individuals who lost their lives in traffic accidents on city streets in 2018, most were pedestrians.

If a motor vehicle crashes into you when you are walking, you are vulnerable to a variety of serious injuries and other damages. Fortunately, in many pedestrian accidents, the driver stops to render assistance. If that does not happen, you should take some steps to protect yourself.

  1. Check for injuries

Following any type of accident, your body’s stress response may mask injury symptoms. Therefore, it is critical for you to seek medical care to be certain you have not suffered some type of injury. At a minimum, though, you must check yourself for signs of physical damage. If you notice any, you should wait for emergency medical technicians to arrive before doing anything else. After all, even moving may worsen your injuries.

  1. Call the police

A hit-and-run pedestrian accident is likely to be a criminal matter. Even if it ultimately is not, you should involve law enforcement. As soon as possible after the incident, call 911 and wait for officers to arrive. When they do, describe how the event unfolded. Also, try to remember and recite details about the driver and his or her vehicle.

  1. Make your own record

While you can almost certainly depend on Seattle’s finest to investigate the hit-and-run accident and write a comprehensive report, you should also make your own record of the incident. Entering the sequence of events in a journal may help fill in the gaps. In your journal, describe weather conditions, traffic patterns, the driver and his or her vehicle and other relevant details. Also, if you can do so safely, take some photographs of the accident scene.

Few things have the potential to be more jarring than a hit-and-run pedestrian accident. Nevertheless, if you can take a few steps after the incident, you may boost your odds of receiving compensation from the driver who collided with you. Contact our car accident lawyers in the event that you need to representation.