Know the dangers of electric scooters

Eco-friendly methods of transportation are gaining popularity. Electric scooters are a fantastic eco-friendly way to get around urban areas, but they can cause significant injury.

If you or a family member has started to use an electric scooter, it is important to familiarize yourself with some of the risks. Here are some key safety considerations to keep in mind about riding an electric scooter in Seattle.

Riders are still learning

Part of the reason why the growing use of electric scooters in Seattle may be dangerous is because they are so new. The simple fact that riders are relatively new at operating scooters makes accidents somewhat inevitable.

Riders need to steer clear of sidewalks

New riders may feel a little more comfortable on the sidewalk than the road. However, riders must refrain from using a scooter on the sidewalk because it presents a serious danger to pedestrians.

Electric scooters are silent

When someone is zipping along on an electric scooter, people do not hear them coming. Whereas a motorcycle or even a just bicycle will make some noise, most electric scooters do not emit any type of sound. To prevent catching a pedestrian off guard and causing a collision, riders need to be attentive to their surroundings and moderate their speed in crowded areas.

As electric scooters continue to become more commonplace, there will be greater general awareness about how to avoid serious accidents on the road. Nevertheless, people should be conscientious about the inherent dangers of using an electric scooter and take appropriate safety measures.