How do rideshares contribute to accidents?

Ride-share services are invaluable to most people nowadays. Not only is it convenient for those who may not have another means of transportation, but it can aid in the fight against drunk driving. People have become more accustomed to calling for a rideshare after a night of drinking.

According to the U.S. News, drunk driving incidents did decrease with the popularity of rideshare companies. However, it did not make a dent in the number of accidents occurring. It only the types of accidents that occur. Rideshare accidents are more likely to involve pedestrians. There are some theories as to why rideshares may contribute to accidents.

No pick-up or drop-off locations

When it comes to public transportation, taxis did not see a rise in car accidents but rideshare services did. Unlike cabs, there are no set pick-up or drop-off locations for Uber or Lyft vehicles. Drivers may experience confusion as to where to park the vehicle and distracted riders are busy searching for their ride. This makes both parties vulnerable to accidents.

Less experience in city driving

Cab drivers tend to have a lot more experience driving in the city. If you call on a rideshare company, the driver may not have as much experience with city-driving. Some cities have difficult traffic to navigate. The city may be noisy, crowded and as an added disadvantage, the driver may have to rely heavily on the GPS.

While ridesharing has helped decrease the number of accidents from drinking and driving, there are still safety concerns that rideshare companies need to address to make the roads safer.