Gauging a nursing home’s ability to provide committed care

For many Washington families who have aging loved ones, the idea of putting their family member into a nursing home is often met with a lot of thought and anxiety. In many cases, people are looking for a facility that demonstrates a high standard of caring for each of their patients in a manner that is equivalent to the treatment they would receive at home. While a majority of places are dedicated to their patients’ comfort, there are also the ones that should be avoided. 

In the year 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were approximately 16,000 nursing home facilities around the country. The number of people receiving services in nursing homes was 1.4 million. With such an incredible number of patients, it is not surprising that mistakes are sometimes made. However, serious mistakes, can often be entirely preventable with the dedication of committed staff members. 

According to U.S. News, when families are on the hunt for a trustworthy establishment, they should be aware of the following red flags:

  • Little to no interaction or monitoring from staff members. 
  • No restrictions or too stringent of rules regarding visiting hours. 
  • Staff members who are impatient or talk disrespectfully to patients.
  • Noticeable ignorance of values that are advertised.

Facilities that are loud, disorganized or unable to provide variety for their residents are also places that people should avoid. When family members take the time to tour nursing home facilities’ before making their decision, they may feel much more confident about placing their loved one in the care of others.