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Who is liable for injuries in an Uber or Lyft accident?

Taking an Uber or Lyft is a convenient way to get from point A to point B without using your personal vehicle or public transportation. Because there is no concern about parking, and the cost can even be lower than traditional taxi or limousine options, Uber, Lyft and similar services have quickly become popular. Many people have a rideshare app on their phones, so it’s quick and easy to reach a driver at any time.


But what happens if you or one of your family members is hurt in an accident in someone’s Uber or Lyft vehicle?

Who will be held responsible for your medical bills, missed income, pain and suffering, or worse?

What happens if I’m in an accident in a rideshare vehicle?

It can be complicated. Liability depends on who is found to be at fault in the accident. It may fall on your driver’s insurance company, the carrier of Uber or Lyft’s additional insurance, or another driver’s insurance company if he or she causes an accident in another vehicle.

Regardless of who ends up being responsible, you may be entitled to compensation. If you are in a rideshare accident:

  • Get proper, timely medical care if you are hurt.
  • Make sure you have information about your driver and the vehicle you were in.
  • Take photographs of your injuries and the accident scene, if possible.
  • Make sure a police report is filed.
  • Don’t discuss your case or injuries with someone else’s car insurance company.
  • If you want to receive maximum compensation for your losses, do not accept a settlement check without talking to an attorney first.

Questions about a personal injury claim or lawsuit?

Personal injury claims can be confusing and overwhelming when you have other things on your mind. If multiple parties were involved in your accident, get the legal advice you need.

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