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Tips to Avoid Traffic Accidents

by Arthur M. Elk

As a car accident lawyer, I have represented numerous plaintiffs in cases where someone made an error in judgment on the road. Many traffic accidents are the result of distractions, frustrations, impatience, or simply a lack of attention and awareness. Here are a few easy tips on how to avoid accidents in traffic.

Be Comfortable And Ready To Drive

Before you even turn the ignition, you should be seated comfortably in your car. Your seat should be properly adjusted to suit your height and ensure that you’re a comfortable distance from the pedals and the wheel. All of your mirrors should also be adjusted so that you have the best range of vision without needing to overly adjust.

Know Your Car

A car is just a tool we use to get around. So, one of the best ways to avoid an accident is to really understand your car’s limitations. Make a note of your blind spots and how you’ll adjust to them. Understand how your car responds to the gas pedal and how it feels when it’s shifting gears. As a car accident attorney, I recommend getting used to driving on open roads before driving in traffic.

Be Courteous and Practice Defensive Driving

The most effective way to avoid accidents is to be a courteous driver and practice some defensive driving techniques. The most crucial piece of advice that a car accident lawyer can give is to be aware of other people on the road. Leave a reasonable amount of room between you and other cars when stopped or when changing lanes. Follow all traffic signals and speed limits. Try not to get impatient or frustrated, especially when others around you might be making poor decisions.

Remember, everyone is on his or her way to some destination. If you can stay calm and aware, you can handle any level of traffic.