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What Are the Long-Term Effects of Medical Malpractice?

Medical errors affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. An estimated 250,000 people die as a result of these errors every year, according to data analysis from experts on patient safety from Johns Hopkins.

However, even if a patient survives a medical mistake or misdiagnosis, they can still suffer considerable damages that affect every area of their lives. In these situations, taking legal action to pursue compensation for these damages can be critical. Contact a Columbus medical malpractice lawyer today if you or someone you loved has been a victim of negligence.

Malpractice: Not a small thing

Drummer Travis Barker is taking legal action after medical mistakes led to numerous health problems.

According to reports, Barker says that he went to an imaging clinic for a routine MRI before he was to go on tour with his band Blink-182. However, that routine visit effectively changed those plans.

During the visit, technicians attempted to sedate Barker. However, they evidently could not find a vein and ended up sticking him more than 40 times. The needle they used was also allegedly contaminated. Because of this terrible experience, Barker suffered nerve damage in his arm and a staph infection. He also developed blood clots in his arms.

Because of all these problems, the drummer has been unable to play, costing him money and professional opportunities. He filed a malpractice lawsuit seeking damages.

The extensive impact of malpractice

Medical malpractice often results in immediate health problems. However, there can also be lingering effects of such misconduct that should not be minimized. Often, victims of medical mistakes experience long-lasting medical issues that require ongoing care and treatment.

There may also be irreversible damage that leaves a person unable to live the life they led prior to the incident. As is the case with Barker, people could be unable to perform their jobs and earn a living. There can also be an emotional trauma that lasts indefinitely.

Considering how extensive the impact of a medical mistake can be, victims should take seriously their options for pursuing compensation. This won’t undo the mistake or immediately repair the damage, but it can make it easier for people to cope with the consequences and focus on their recovery.