kids safety

Possible Energy Drink Ban

The American Medical Association may recommend a ban of sales and advertising of “high-energy/stimulant drinks” to children and adolescents under the age of 18. As we have warned readers before, energy drinks can be especially dangerous to children. During a debate this weekend in Chicago, The AMA’s House of Delegates, its principle policy-making body,...

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Summer Camp Safety

Don't take for granted that a summer camp is safe -- even if you went there or worked there, or your child went there last year. Ohio Laws and Regulations for Camps Ohio summer camps are regulated by the Ohio Department of Health.  A camp is required meet health and safety standards yearly to...

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Child Restraint Laws in Ohio

One of the most important jobs for any parent is to keep their children safe. A study released this week said that many parents may be failing to do just that each time they get in a vehicle. The Front Seat is No Place for a Child The study published Tuesday in the American...

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