energy drinks

Possible Energy Drink Ban

The American Medical Association may recommend a ban of sales and advertising of “high-energy/stimulant drinks” to children and adolescents under the age of 18. As we have warned readers before, energy drinks can be especially dangerous to children. During a debate this weekend in Chicago, The AMA’s House of Delegates, its principle policy-making body,...

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City of San Francisco sues Monster for targeting young people

In the ongoing debate over the safety of caffeine additives, the city attorney of San Francisco is suing Monster Beverage for marketing its energy drinks to children. Dennis Herrera said this week that Monster is the “industry’s worst offender” in regards to the extent to which it targets youth and children. He points to...

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Arthur Elk: Energy drinks pose a real health risk

By Arthur Elk In the past four or five years, energy drinks have surged in popularity. I have watched as brand names like 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull and Monster have become part of our culture. The supercharged caffeinated drinks are especially popular among teens and young adults. Unfortunately, the surge in popularity of these...

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