class action

Do companies have to warn their employees about layoffs?

On April 27, Youngstown-based Falcon Transport shut down operations without warning, leaving hundreds of employees without jobs, pay, or benefits. Many of its truckers were stranded around the country after being told to stop working immediately.   Elk & Elk is representing affected employees in a class action to recover back pay and a...

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Elk & Elk, Dubyak Nelson represent victims in claims against emergency air transport provider

In a life-threatening medical emergency, airborne ICUs save valuable time and dramatically improve treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, the relief following successful treatment is often met with shock and panic when the bill for the service arrives. Patients across the country have been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in charges for air ambulance services...

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Mass Torts and Class Action Suits

Most of the things we purchase are safe. Unfortunately, however, sometimes a defective product, drug, or medical device causes consumers to suffer an injury. In the U.S., when many people are harmed by the same defendant (or group of defendants), depending on the circumstances, individual lawsuits may be grouped together. Learn the Lingo  ...

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