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Shopping for school supplies? Stay away from these

In a matter of weeks, children across Ohio will be back in the classroom. That means parents are getting out to do their back-to-school shopping to purchase the things their kids need to have a good start to the new year.

If you are among these parents, you should be aware of some potentially hazardous school supplies that you should avoid.

According to a recent CBS News article, multiple common school supplies tested positive for hazardous chemicals. These include:

  • Playschool brand crayons sold at Dollar Tree (contains elements of asbestos)
  • Jot brand blue three-ring binders sold at Dollar Tree (contains phthalates)
  • Expo and The Board Dudes brand dry erase markers (contains carcinogenic chemicals)
  • Hydro Pro Furry Friends and GSI Outdoors Children’s water bottles sold at Amazon, Costco and L.L. Bean (contains lead)

While some of the products have been recalled, people may have already purchased them; others are still on the shelf.

Toxic materials like asbestos, phthalates and lead can present a serious threat to people’s safety, particularly if people ingest them or are exposed to large quantities. They can cause cancer, respiratory illnesses, anemia and even death. As such, it is crucial that companies comply with strict federal guidelines when it comes to using and notifying consumers of these products.

If this does not happen, people can suffer serious medical problems that could prove to be life-threatening.

If you or your child has gotten sick as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals or dangerous products, understand that you may have grounds for a legal claim to pursue compensation. While this cannot undo the damage caused by a toxic or defective product, it can provide the financial resources you need and deserve. Filing a lawsuit can also help to shed light on a potentially larger issue that is threatening the safety of others.