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School Bus Safety Tips

All across Ohio, students are heading back to school. This means we are starting to see a lot more school buses on the road.

Whether your child rides a bus or you are sharing the road with a school bus, you should understand some basic precautions you can take to ensure everyone gets where they need to be safe.

If your child rides the school bus

As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children are much safer riding a bus to school than they are riding in a car to school. Though, there are still things every child should do to stay safe around and in a bus. If you are a parent, explain to your children that they should:

  • Stay a safe distance away from the road while waiting for the bus
  • Wait until a bus comes to a stop before approaching it
  • Never walk behind or in front of the bus unless directed by the driver
  • Stay seated while the bus is in motion
  • Wear seat belts, if available

If you share the road with a school bus

Sharing the road with a school bus requires a driver to be especially alert and cautious, as there could be small children present whenever the bus stops or approaches a stop. As such, every driver should:

  • Give buses at least 10 feet of space
  • Avoid passing stopped buses
  • Stop for a bus that is picking up or dropping off passengers if you are on a 2-lane road or if you are behind the bus
  • Be aware of all flashing lights and stop-sign arms on a bus, and comply when they are engaged
  • Use extreme caution around schools and bus stops, as children could dart out into traffic without warning

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These are tips every person can follow to stay safe this fall. Whether you have kids riding the bus or you encounter buses on your way to work, understand that all it takes is a second for a serious bus accident to happen. Using caution and making safe decisions can help everyone get home safely. For more information on bus safety, contact a Cleveland personal injury lawyer today.