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How safe is GPS use while driving?

GPSWhen you think of distracted driving, what comes to mind?

Most people think of talking on a cell phone or sending a text message while driving. But there are many other forms of distracted driving that can be just as dangerous.

One of those actions is using a GPS while driving. Most people use their phones to operate a GPS – either through an app or using the phone’s map. But these actions can require a driver to take his or her eyes (and attention) off of the road:

  • The driver may look down at the phone to visualize the route
  • The driver may touch and interact with the device
  • The driver may be visually distracted by the bright device after dark
  • The driver may get distracted by the voice navigation
  • The driver may need to change an address or choose an alternate route

Any of these actions can take a driver’s attention off of driving – and ultimately cause an accident.

While GPS use is often necessary for drivers, there are a few things drivers can do to keep themselves safe:

  • First, the driver should look at the route before starting to drive. It’s safer to have a general idea of the route instead of going in blind.
  • Next, the driver should consider mounting the device, which can help him or her avoid looking down to view the device.
  • The GPS should be programmed to voice command.
  • If the driver has to use the device while driving, he or she should pull over into a parking lot or other safe location.

These tips can go a long way in helping a driver avoid an accident when using GPS. Additionally, the driver should avoid any device use while driving, such as talking or texting. Ultimately, the driver’s attention should be on driving responsibly and arriving to the destination safely.