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Rules for snow removal and how to avoid accidents this winter

Ohio residents are preparing for the cold, snowy and icy conditions expected this winter.

Whether that means staying warm inside or digging out the snowshoes and skis for some outdoor fun, it also means brushing up on the rules of snow and ice removal from sidewalks and roads.

Rules for snow removal on roads

As this website notes, snow plows in Mayfield Heights remove snow “in a timely manner” and on a regular basis. Typically, the snow plows will tackle the busy roadways first and continue clearing roads until they are all passable.

This means that the snow on the roads around your home and on your commute may not be cleared right away. Even if they are, they can still be slick, especially when precipitation continues to fall. To avoid an accident, drive slowly and give other vehicles plenty of room. Make sure your lights and windshield wipers work, and check your tires to ensure proper tread and inflation.

Rules for snow removal on sidewalks

While the laws and ordinances for snow removal on sidewalks vary among cities and townships in Ohio, it is generally wise for homeowners to clear the sidewalks around their home if they are dangerous. Failure to do so could lead to fines and falling accidents.

When clearing snow, shovel all the way down to the sidewalk, removing all layers of ice and snow. Shovel the entire width of the walkway, and do so in a timely manner after a snowfall. If walkways are icy, you can use sand, cat litter or salt to make the surface less slippery.

If you are out walking around, use caution. Walk slowly and wear shoes with good soles that minimize slipping. Stay alert and avoid any areas that appear slick or have yet to be cleared.

Knowing these rules can keep you – and your neighbors – safe this winter, so it is important to remember them this winter. And if you do suffer an accident on a dangerous road or sidewalk, it can be wise to discuss any legal remedies that may be available with an attorney.