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Protecting Your Loved One in a Nursing Home



We’ve all heard the horror stories. Stories of elderly men and women who are made to sit in their beds for days and weeks, not able to move to use the bathroom and suffering in pain.

Putting a mother, father or other loved one in a nursing home is already a difficult decision. Dealing with the additional anxiety that comes with worrying about how well they are being taken care of can be challenging.

The first thing you need to know is that you can and should get involved in your loved one’s life at the nursing home. If you are able, strive to be a constant there. Studies have shown that patients who have regular guests and loving families who care receive better treatment in nursing homes.

Start by getting to know the staff: nurses, doctors, and administrators. They can tell you a lot about the facility and what they offer, but their actions can also tell when things aren’t working correctly. Do they always seem too busy to help? Do the patients look like they are left unattended and uncared-for often? Does the facility smell? Does the staff act as if they don’t want to be there?

Another option you have is attending the nursing home’s care plan meetings. These are typically held monthly and include everyone who has an impact on your loved one’s care at the home. The meeting will be attended by nurses, doctors, dietitians, social services and even their physical therapist. This monthly meeting is to ensure that the patient’s needs are being met currently and plans are being made for future needs as well.

Getting involved is the easiest way to make sure your loved one is protected. If you feel that the nursing home is mistreating them in any way, have a candid conversation with those in charge. If that doesn’t work or falls on deaf ears, there are programs out there designed to investigate your concerns.  You may also want to speak to a lawyer in the event your loved one suffers an injury in the nursing home and you need answers.

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– William P. Campbell