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3 Tips for Staying Safe While Playing Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

We spotted an Eevee at the Elk & Elk Headquarters!

After the release of Pokémon GO earlier this month, millions of fans set out in search of virtual creatures in their communities. The augmented reality game encourages players to exercise, and may even be helpful for those coping with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. However, the technology poses a variety of potential safety risks. Follow our tips for avoiding injuries while playing Pokémon GO.

3 Pokémon GO Safety Tips

1. Don’t catch and drive.

The recent report of a massive pileup caused by a Pokémon GO player may be a hoax, but the dangers of playing the game while driving are very real. Ohio State Highway Patrol and other government agencies took to social media to warn users of the dangers, and traffic accidents and injuries have already been reported.

2. Watch your step.

Playing Pokémon GO behind the wheel isn’t the only way people are putting themselves at risk. Despite a warning on the app’s loading screen to stay alert, players have documented various injuries resulting from distractions posed by the game. From tripping over a curb to accidently walking out in front of a moving vehicle, there are numerous ways one could conceivably be injured while playing.

3. Be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t use the game to justify venturing to a location you would usually consider unsafe. Try to limit playing time to daylight hours, and stay in populated, well-lit areas when playing at night. Bring a friend if you’ll be travelling to a secluded spot, and always avoid trespassing.

The Pokémon GO craze is just getting underway, so have fun and stay safe on your adventures! Trying to catch ‘em all in the Cleveland area? Head to Newburgh Heights, Walton Hills or Gates Mills.