Nursing Home Medication Errors

Residents in a nursing home depend upon the staff to provide personal attention and medical care. For many residents, that includes ensuring they receive the proper dosages of prescription medications.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and residents sometimes receive the wrong drug or the wrong dose. When this happens, the resident can suffer severe medical complications or even die.

Elk & Elk has doctors and other health care professionals on staff to ensure that we have the knowledge and skills to prepare a strong case. We pursue the maximum compensation for each of our valued clients. To learn more, please complete our online contact form.

Nursing home medication errors

The overwhelming number of prescription drugs along with their complicated names and dosages all lead to medication errors in nursing homes. Whether a resident was given the wrong drug, the wrong dose or a drug that interacted with another drug, medical errors can cause serious and permanent health problems or even death.

With the consequences of mistakes so high, it is critical that we hold responsible parties liable. Using our team of legal and health care professionals, we investigate, research and prepare strong legal strategies. We constantly and aggressively pursue maximum compensation on behalf of our clients.

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