Anesthesia Mistakes

Anesthesia mistakes can result in serious complications

Anesthesia complications include hypoxic injuries, anaphylaxis (allergy), toxicities and failures to monitor. Anesthesiologists are responsible for the ABCs: airway, breathing and circulation. A failure to monitor from induction through extubation puts patients at risk.

Close monitoring of patients’ vital signs and careful, constant observation of patients are also essential. Serious patient injuries result when health care providers administer incorrect dosages or the wrong medications. They also result when patients experience adverse reactions to medications and health care providers are not watching closely. The health care staff is responsible for injuries to patients that occur under these circumstances.

Ohio medical malpractice law demands experience, resources

Where the science of anesthesiology is concerned, even a milligram-sized mistake could mean serious complications or death. Despite such advancements in medicine over the past decades, the process of anesthetization remains delicate.

Elk & Elk’s medical malpractice lawyers can help soothe the sting of an anesthesia mistake

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Our anesthesia malpractice attorneys are armed with the medical resources and experience necessary to successfully to obtain the compensation owed to victims of anesthesia malpractice and their loved ones.

The medical malpractice division of Elk & Elk covers the entire state of Ohio and beyond. The team’s attorneys specialize in the areas of anesthesia errors and medical malpractice and have the results, experience, training, dedication and resources to build strong cases against negligent medical providers.

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