Medication Errors

Are you safe taking your prescribed medications?

According to the CDC, every year, the cost of addressing adverse drug reactions due to medication errors amounts to $3.5 billion, 350,000 hospitalizations and 1.3 million emergency room visits. Factors like the sheer number of drugs being prescribed and used, the popularity of at-home prescription administration, and the many look-alike/sound-alike drugs all combine to make taking medicine a health care crapshoot.

With that many medication mistakes so far-reaching, it’s only a matter of time before each of us is affected by one – whether through our own bad experience or through someone close to us who is harmed by an adverse drug event. When you or someone you care about is injured because of a negligent health care provider’s medication mistake, you need a lawyer with the experience, resources, and ability to advocate for your well-being.

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It’s no wonder, then, that medication mismanagement makes up a hefty portion of medical malpractice litigation. This doesn’t mean it’s routine, though, as each and every medication error claim out there needs to be dealt with by an experienced, reliable and resourceful law firm.

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