Emergency Room Mistakes

Emergency rooms are full of pain, confusion and anxiety. It’s no wonder hospitals play host to hundreds of thousands of error-related deaths a year. A significant number of these happen in emergency rooms.

Until the overcrowded and understaffed conditions in emergency departments are addressed, average, hardworking people like you need lawyers like the emergency room attorneys at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., to ensure that their rights are protected when a medical error hits home.

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A team of high-quality, experienced and resourceful attorneys

At Elk & Elk, we understand the ways that emergency room mistakes can happen:

  • Time-sensitive heart attack medication may be delayed
  • The wrong medication or wrong dosage may be given
  • A patient may be misdiagnosed
  • Many other mistakes or negligent errors can harm patients

However your emergency room mistake happened, Elk & Elk has the experience, resources and drive to help you. We have high-quality, well-trained and experienced attorneys as well as doctors, nurses, investigators and other experts who are ready to find the facts and take on hospitals, insurers and large corporations.

We have won multimillion-dollar verdicts on behalf of our clients

The impact of our experience and resources is evident. We have won more multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts than any other Ohio firm in the past 10 years. Because of our resources,  when you come to our law firm you will owe us nothing upfront. Through our contingency fee agreements, most clients pay nothing unless we obtain compensation for them.

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