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Our Paralegals: Great Assets and Backbone of Your Case


Ohio attorney Mindy Elk Fisher explains why paralegals are an integral part of your legal team.

It’s not uncommon to hear attorneys talk about their accomplishments and boast how they can win your case with wildly successful results.

However, the truth is, your personal injury case is a team effort – with most attorneys utilizing an entire team, including a professional known as a “paralegal.” A paralegal is a qualified individual who works under the supervision of an attorney in many aspects of your legal case, handling different tasks during the course of your claim.

There are two different types of paralegals here at Elk & Elk: litigation and non-litigation. Litigation paralegals help the attorney prepare for trial. They draft complaints and motions; they also assist in the discovery process and the deposition of witnesses for your case. By contrast, non-litigation paralegals assist with the medical aspects of your case. They gather medical records, bills, prepare medical histories and prepare demand packages for the attorney.

Without the help of a paralegal, an attorney’s job would be a very difficult one. While some cases are decidedly more complicated, there are numerous items with which to contend in any personal injury lawsuit. Paralegals assist attorneys throughout the entire process and are held up to the same high standards set for your attorney. They have to fight just as hard for your case to ensure it is successful. The hard work of diligent paralegals allows your attorney to devote his or her full attention to your claim – negotiating settlements, dealing with liability issues or taking your case to trial. At Elk & Elk, we feel it is important to educate you and all of our clients about the litigation process, including the many ways paralegals are critical for a successful resolution of your case.

To learn more about personal injury law, I encourage you to watch the video above and to explore our educational website at www.elkandelk.com. If you have legal questions, please call us at 1-800-ELK-OHIO. I welcome your call.

Mindy Elk