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Ohio’s Alarming Trend in Fatal Crashes on Entrance and Exit Ramps

In a recent study conducted by a legal funding company, which analyzed crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ohio emerges as one of the most dangerous states for fatal crashes on entrance and exit ramps. Over the five-year study period, Ohio witnessed a staggering 158 deadly crashes associated with on and off-ramps out of a total of 5,525 deadly crashes statewide. The gravity of the situation becomes even more apparent when zooming in on the peak year 2017, which recorded 35 fatal accidents involving entrance and exit ramps.

How To Stay Safe on Entrance and Exit Ramps

  1. Follow Speed Limits: Adhering to posted speed limits on ramps is crucial. Speeding can lead to loss of control, especially when entering or exiting a highway.
  2. Use Turn Signals: Always use turn signals to indicate your intention to merge onto or exit the highway. This helps other drivers anticipate your actions.
  3. Check Blind Spots: Be vigilant and check your blind spots before merging or changing lanes on ramps. Ensure there are no vehicles in your intended path.
  4. Maintain a Safe Following Distance: Keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. This allows for better reaction time and reduces the risk of rear-end collisions.
  5. Be Aware of Traffic Conditions: Stay aware of traffic conditions on the ramp and the highway. Adjust your speed and merge when it is safe to do so.
  6. Avoid Sudden Stops: Try to avoid sudden stops on entrance ramps. Plan your merge so that you can smoothly enter the flow of traffic.
  7. Merge Early: If possible, merge into traffic early to avoid last-minute maneuvers. This helps in maintaining a smooth flow and reduces the risk of conflicts.
  8. Use Mirrors: Regularly check your rearview and side mirrors to be aware of the surrounding traffic.
  9. Understand Right of Way: Know and respect the right of way. Yield when necessary and be cautious when entering or exiting traffic.

Remember that safety is a shared responsibility, and both individual drivers and traffic management play critical roles in maintaining safe conditions on entrance and exit ramps!