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Ohio motorists: Beware of impaired drivers this weekend

There is no day that it is safe to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. However, there are certain days that we routinely seen spikes in such behavior. While these days can be somewhat predictable, it is still all but impossible to stop every driver from getting behind the wheel if they are high or drunk.

This is why we urge drivers to use caution this weekend, as there could be a spike in motorists who are under the influence of marijuana.

April 20 is informally known as a 4/20, which some people recognize as a holiday celebrating marijuana. On this day, statistics show that there could be an increase in fatal traffic accidents. According to researchers, an additional 142 drivers died in accidents on 4/20 when compared to dates the week before and after the pot holiday.

While these numbers are not as troubling as those that we typically see on legitimate holidays like Fourth of July or Memorial Day, there could still be an increased risk.

Too often, people dismiss impairment by marijuana as inconsequential or safer than alcohol intoxication. However, impairment caused by any substance can make a driver dangerous and unpredictable on the road. Drivers who are high or drunk can experience delayed reflexes, visual limitations and changes in their decision-making capabilities.

Law enforcement agencies across the country know that this date is approaching and many are ramping up enforcement efforts to stop and cite drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. However, identifying drugged drivers can be more difficult than spotting a drunk driver.

With all this in mind, drivers across Ohio should be careful this weekend. Watch out for drivers who could be impaired or intoxicated and steer clear of them if possible. And if you are among those who plan to celebrate 4/20, do not drive if you are impaired. Find a sober ride to get where you need to go so that you do not put your life and the lives of those around you in jeopardy.