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Ohio drivers: Why you need to be especially cautious this month

Did you know that over the past five years, more Ohioans have been killed in car accidents during the month of August than in any other month?

As noted in an article on the deadliest month for Ohio drivers, 563 people died in motor vehicle crashes in August between 2013 and 2017. By comparison, 413 people died in motor vehicle crashes in December between 2013 and 2017. Because of this, drivers are urged to be especially cautious on the road this month.

Fewer crashes, more fatalities

The report mentioned above also states that there were 20,000 fewer crashes in August compared to December. In other words, August has fewer overall accidents than December over the last five years, but more of them are fatal.

One sergeant from the Ohio State Highway Patrol noted that the higher rate of fatality during a summer month could be attributed in part to weather. During winter months, people can be driving more slowly and the roads can be icy and slippery. As such, there may be more collisions, but the low speeds often keep them from being fatal.

Why is August such a dangerous month?

There are numerous reasons why August is so dangerous for Ohio drivers. Teens are out of school and driving more; families are going out on vacations and road trips before the end of summer; people can be more likely to engage in summer activities that involve drinking and then get behind the wheel.

Avoiding a fatal crash

To avoid a fatal accident this month, drivers should:

  • Always wear their seatbelts
  • Give other vehicles plenty of space
  • Refrain from driving after drinking
  • Focus on staying calm and alert

These simple steps can help everyone have a safer ride and better summer. And while they are things every driver should do every month, doing so during August can make an especially significant impact.