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How to Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit


Ohio attorney Mindy Elk talks about how important it is to keep seeing your doctors even after starting your personal injury lawsuit.

Your personal injury lawsuit is centered on the harm suffered in your accident case. Within this medically driven case, documentation is vitally important.

Do not delay seeking medical care. Although you may feel okay at first, many injuries take time to develop. Even if you start to feel better, continue to meet with your doctors and therapists until the completing your medical treatment.

It’s never a good move to stop seeing your doctors in a personal injury case. As we prepare for trial or try to get a settlement based on your injuries, the validity of your injury may come into doubt if you don’t follow up with your doctor and adhere to all prescribed treatments. Jurors will question the motives of someone who stopped medical treatment and may assume they do not deserve full compensation for their injuries.

In order to justify the amounts demanded in your personal injury case, we must show how much your injuries have affected your life and family. We need to show what injuries you suffered, the costs you have incurred, how much pain you suffered and how long it’s going to take you to recover from the accident. Only when armed medical records proving such information are we able to move forward with your claim and seek the best possible result.

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Mindy Elk