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Let Our Family Protect Yours



Serious personal injuries can be difficult to recover from both physically and financially. They can drain the wallets, personal banks accounts and cause your family to suffer.

Here at Elk & Elk, we’re a family. And we’re a family looking to protect yours. Our firm started from two brothers who gained their legal knowledge in rural areas and understand just how much an injury can devastate the entire family.

We have nearly 100 professionals on staff to help you in a nearly every area of personal injury law. Whether you were injured in a car accident, had a slip and fall, workplace accident, or involved in a medical malpractice matter, we have excellent trial lawyers to help fight for you.

Also on our staff are paralegals and assistants who understand personal injury law, assisting both you and the trial lawyers in your case. We have 3 nurses to help us with our medical knowledge. One of them has a master’s degree in high risked pregnancy.

We may have started from small, humble rural county prosecutors but we grew as set out on a mission to provide the best legal talent and services to all of our injured clients. We treat every case as if it was the most important one. The dollar value of your case may be different than another client but we attack each case with the aggression and vigor that your family needs. We always want to offer quality advice and represent each of our injured clients to the highest degree as we know that is your best chance to win and get the compensation you deserve.