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Legal News Roundup: July 15

Here’s a roundup of some major legal stories from the past week.

George Floyd’s Family Files Lawsuit

CNBC – Members of George Floyd’s family filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of Minneapolis and the four police officers involved in his death. The suit alleges that the officers violated Floyd’s constitutional rights. It also claims the city failed to properly train its police force.

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Divide Over Death Penalty

USA Today –  Earlier this week, the Trump administration carried out the first federal execution in 17 years. Supreme Court justices split 5-4 along traditional lines in allowing it to happen. The court’s unsigned opinion, accompanied by dissents from the four liberal justices, came in the middle of the night. Two more executions are scheduled for this week.

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Major Win for Apple

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Apple avoided a steep tax bill.

Reuters – Europe’s second-highest court rejected an EU order for the iPhone maker to pay 13 billion euros ($15 billion) in Irish back taxes. The ruling dealt a blow to the bloc’s attempts to crack down on sweetheart tax deals. The European Network on Debt and Development said the judgment showed the need for corporate tax reform in Europe.

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Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized for Possible Infection

SCOTUS Blog – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to a Baltimore hospital on Tuesday. The 87-year-old judge experienced a fever and chills. This is her second stay at Johns Hopkins in just over two months. According to the court, Ginsburg is resting comfortably.

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