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Legal news roundup – June 3

Here’s a roundup of some major legal stories from the past week.

Cruise Ship Lawsuit

CBS News – Passengers sued Carnival Cruise Line for alleged COVID-19 negligence. The suit accuses Carnival of improper sanitation and screening measures. The litigation includes two passengers who contracted the virus on the ship.

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Sens. Unveil Privacy Bill

Law360 – Senators introduced a bill to regulate contact tracing apps. These apps help track the spread of COVID-19. The bill emphasizes user consent and the deletion of data at a later date.

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Protection for Walmart Employees

Law360 – Twelve U.S. attorneys general are encouraging Walmart to better protect its workers during the pandemic. Officials have received reports of improper social distancing and cleanliness in stores. Reports allege that Walmart employees are not being told about colleagues diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Google Faces Lawsuit

Reuters – Google faces a $5 billion lawsuit for tracking ‘private’ internet use. Complainants allege the company gathers data regardless of whether a supported ad is clicked. Google “cannot continue to engage in the covert and unauthorized data collection from virtually every American with a computer or phone,” the suit said.

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