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Legal news roundup – May 27

Here’s a roundup of some of the top legal stories from the past week.

Lockdown Lawsuits

USA Today / May 25 – During the coronavirus lockdown, a number of activities “became the subject of a federal lawsuit, as residents, businesses and even lawmakers challenged state shutdown orders designed to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.” More than 1,300 state and federal lawsuits have been filed over COVID-19, including 240 dealing with civil rights

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Crackdown on COVID-19 Misconduct

Reuters / May 26 – U.S. securities officials are tackling a range of coronavirus-related misconduct, including companies promoting fake cures and the misuse of federal aid. The Securities and Exchange Commission has fielded a bevy of tips from whistleblowers nationwide.

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FTC Sues Payday Lenders

Law360 / May 26 – The Federal Trade Commission sued a group of payday lenders, accusing them of breaking lending and disclosure laws. The lenders allegedly executed unauthorized debits that “bled consumers” of over $90 million.

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New Legislation to Protect Businesses

Reuters / May 26 – Representative Carolyn Maloney introduced plans to create a taxpayer-backed insurance program that would protect businesses from revenue losses during future pandemics. Insurance companies would be required to pay a portion of the claims.

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