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It’s not just hot air: Tech firm aims to make motorcycles safer

People often associate motorcycles and those who ride them with recklessness and rebellion. Many see it as a risky means of transportation utilized by people who would rather have fun than be safe.

However, motorcyclists value safety just as much as anyone else, and riders typically take whatever precautions they can take to avoid accidents. While bikes may come equipped with fewer safety features that allow them to do this, that is changing as companies work to make motorcycles safer.

Recently, for instance, a German technology firm announced they were working on safety feature for motorcycles that seems almost intergalactic.

Anti-slide technology

According to reports, the firm is developing a sort of thruster that would prevent low side crashes. When a rider comes close to sliding and tires lose grip, highly pressurized gas would engage and generate repulsion force to help the rider regain control.

The thruster is currently a single-use component, and it will likely be an expensive feature; it is also still in the testing stages. In other words, we probably won’t be seeing this technology widely available in the immediate future.

Other safety features

This thruster technology is hardly the only safety feature in development, and many other options already make motorcycling safer. Today, most bikes have airbags and antilock brakes that can prevent accidents and keep riders safer in the event of a crash; adaptive headlights and stability control can also prevent accidents.

When a crash does happen

Unfortunately, no matter how many safety features our vehicles have, accidents happen. And when they involve a motorcyclist, the damages can be catastrophic. In these situations, it can be crucial to identify the negligent party and consider the legal options for pursuing a claim against that party. Compensation cannot undo an accident, but it can make a difficult recovery process a little easier.