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Injured over the Fourth of July? Know your legal options

The Fourth of July might be behind us now, but fallout from the holiday could still be ahead for any person who was seriously injured as a result of a celebratory-related accident. More could be on the way, too, as people continue to observe the holiday going into the weekend.

There are many types of injuries that are unfortunately common, especially during summertime holidays like the Fourth of July.

Common types of injuries

  • Fireworks injuries – Last year, nearly 13,000 people went to emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries. These accidents happen when fireworks are defective or improperly ignited. They can also occur when a firework sets something on fire, which can lead to explosions and severe burns.
  • Car accident injuries – Unfortunately, Fourth of July is a time when there may be more drunk drivers on the road. There are also more people staying out late to see fireworks and families taking road trips, meaning there can be more people driving and a higher risk of accidents.
  • Boating accident injuries – Alcohol use is also common among boaters during the holiday, which can lead to accidents. And just like there can be more traffic on the roads, there can be more traffic on the water, as well.
  • Pool or swimming injuries – Backyard barbecues by the pool and beach parties are common during the Fourth of July. Sadly, they can turn catastrophic if someone falls in the water and cannot swim. There can also be a higher risk of slipping and falling on wet floors and walkways.

Too often, these injuries are catastrophic – some are fatal. As such, it is crucial to understand the legal and financial remedies that may be available to victims and their families who pursue a personal injury claim against a negligent or reckless party. Legal action cannot undo an accident, but it can help people recover financially and cope with the damages.