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Infant Mortality in Ohio

Infant Mortality in Ohio

Pregnancy can be an exciting but difficult journey for many mothers to be. Many women experience a safe and healthy birth, but what happens if their worst fears become reality?

Based on data from 2019, Ohio experiences an infant mortality rate of 6.89 deaths per 1,000 live births. This rate has been declining from the rate of 7.43 in 2016. Below is a guide to understand what infant mortality is and how the rate can be impacted.

What is Infant Mortality?

Infant mortality rate (IMR) is defined as the number of infant deaths for every 1,000 live births.

Common Causes of Infant Mortality

While there are many reasons for infant death, the most common in Ohio include:

Infant Mortality Statistics

  • 34% of infant deaths in Ohio occur 37 weeks or more during pregnancy.
  • Infant mortality in Black infants are 8 times more likely than white infants.
  • A Cleveland-based nonprofit, Birthing Beautiful Communities, is contributing towards diminishing the mortality rate of Black infants by supporting pregnant women at periods for the highest risk of infant death.
  • In 2019, the Ohio counties of Hamilton, Guernsey, Coshocton, Ashland, and Cuyahoga experienced the highest rate of infant mortality.

Infant Mortality Rate in the United States

The United States IMR stands at 5.58. The lowest infant mortality rate comes from New Hampshire with 3.21 deaths per 1,000 live births and the highest is Mississippi at 8.71 deaths per 1,000 live births.

When a baby is injured during the delivery process, or when a baby is born with a birth defect – and either are caused by medical negligence – the family may be eligible for compensation.

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