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How to avoid holiday injuries – as told by our favorite Christmas movies

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year. From decorations and new toys to food and festivities, we all have reasons to be excited for the coming weeks.

Our Top 6 Holiday Movies with Serious Safety Hazards

A Christmas Story

Choose safe and age-appropriate gifts

You probably won’t need to worry about your kid “shooting their eye out” if an air rifle isn’t on their wish list, but there are many other dangerous and defective toys you won’t want to find under your tree. Check any gifts from friends or relatives to make sure they’re safe and age-appropriate.


Be careful where you stick your tongue

Another word of caution from A Christmas Story: Sticking your tongue to a frozen metal pole is never a good idea – even on a triple-dog-dare. An 11-year-old boy in Illinois learned this lesson the hard way.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Make sure your ladder is secure

Whether you’re going all out with the decorations Clark Griswold-style or just hanging up a few strings of lights, prepping your home for the holidays can be some risky business. Take all of the necessary safety precautions to avoid falls and electric hazards.


It’s a Wonderful Life

Designate a driver or use rideshare

George Bailey may have walked away from his drunken car crash, but impaired driving is one deadly gamble you should never make. It not only puts you and others in danger – but you could also end up with some serious legal consequences. Designate a sober driver or take an Uber or Lyft if you’ll be drinking during any of your holiday festivities.


The Santa Clause

Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking

If you’re in charge of cooking for this year’s holiday festivities, you won’t want to take any advice from Scott Calvin. To avoid ending up at Denny’s on Christmas Eve, keep a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen and your attention on the oven and stove.



elf raccoon


Never snuggle unfamiliar animals

You may not go around offering hugs to wild raccoons like Buddy the Elf, but many of us will meet a relative or friend’s household pets for the first time during the holiday season. Ask the owner to give you the rundown about how their animal prefers to be handled, and never leave young children alone with an unfamiliar pet.


Home Alone

home alone tarantula


Don’t break into homes

Home Alone is packed full of dangerous scenarios, but the key to avoiding these injuries is simple: don’t burglarize any homes over the holidays.

Wishing you fun and safe holiday festivities from all of your friends at Elk & Elk!

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