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Hidden Truth Behind Hospital Death

When we enter a hospital due to injury or illness, we look to the doctors and hospital staff to provide a certain level of care to help us feel better and get healthy again.

Unfortunately, sometimes patients do not receive the care they deserve and when a hospital stay leads to further injury at the hands of caregivers, it can be confusing and disturbing. The family of a young woman felt these emotions and more when their 21-year-old daughter died while in the hospital.

She was admitted after being sick with flu-like symptoms and doctors diagnosed her with a routine infection around her kidneys. After a few days on antibiotics, it appeared she had turned a corner for the better; but she fell unconscious during the night and died.

Medical Negligence Caused Death

The real issue is how the hospital handled this situation. They maintained the young woman was found unconscious after her visitors left and could not be saved. Everyone involved at the hospital was questioned and all medical files were requested. For months, the hospital repeated the same story throughout the discovery process. Those months turned into years with the same story being told repeatedly. It was only at trial when a nurse saw the devastation of the family, did she come forward with testimony proving the hospital had lied. She provided the much-needed evidence that pointed to the hospital’s negligence. After four years of no clear answers, the family finally was told the truth, the matter was resolved and the hospital held responsibly.

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Jay Kelly