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Hidden cameras reveal patient neglect

Hidden cameras reveal patient neglect

In an extraordinary effort, the offices of Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, have teamed up with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to investigate Autumn Health Care of Zanesville – a Muskingum County nursing home. Triggered by numerous failed inspections as well as complaints by residents and their family members, officials used hidden cameras to investigate the allegations of abuse and neglect.

What they saw was disturbing. According to Mike DeWine, the surveillance tapes revealed scenarios such as patients not receiving medical treatments properly and not being fed. “It wasn’t really physical abuse by the staff, but I consider it physical abuse by neglect,” he said. “The nurses with the Ohio Department of Health who watched the tapes were physically sickened by what they saw.”

As a result of the investigation, DeWine announced that Autumn Health Care of Zanesville’s license will be revoked. A recommendation was also sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to terminate the facility’s provider agreement. Autumn Health Care has 30 days to appeal to the ODH and 10 for an appeal for review with CMH.  The facility will remain open until the revocation goes into effect in August.  However, pending appeal, the denial of Medicare/Medicaid payments for all new admissions will go into effect on June 20.

Sadly, instances of elder abuse and neglect are not uncommon. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to abuse or neglect in a nursing home or other assisted living facility, call one of our experienced medical malpractice lawyers at 1-800-ELK-OHIO.


Source:  Zanesville Times Recorder, “Now what for Autumn Health Care?” by Brian Gadd, June 7, 2013