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Helping Your Personal Injury Case

Ohio attorney Ryan Harrell explains ways you can help your personal injury case after you’ve hired an attorney.

You’ve hired a personal injury attorney, who is handling your car accident case. They have begun the process of seeking recovery for your injuries. What do you do now?

With an attorney, paralegals, and other legal staff members handing the details of your case, you may feel that you are unable to help your case along in any way. That is simply untrue. You have the power to do quite a few things that help keep your case on track.

One of the most important (and probably hardest) things to do is to refrain from talking about your accident case. Human beings are social by nature and as such, we enjoy chatting about our lives. However, discussing the details of your case with friends, and especially posting information about your case on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, would be a detriment to your case.

This is also a good rule when you’re sent correspondence regarding your case. Any type of documents concerning your case you should be kept private — between you and your legal team. Immediately forward all written communication to your attorney for review. It is also import not to answer any questions about your case.

Another great way to improve your accident case is keeping your attorney completely involved with how you’re doing. This includes changes in your insurance, your employment status and any financial issues, such as bankruptcy. Small changes in your status may lead to developments with your personal injury case. It may open your case up to new claims and the potential to more recovery for your injuries.

If you are unsure how to handle any situation that may affect your case, seek the advice of your attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge and understanding required to help your case be as successful as possible.

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Ryan M. Harrell