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Employee Spotlight: Rohan Ghosh

Employee Spotlight is a feature where we get up-close-and-personal with members of our staff. Get to know the team at Elk & Elk and find out what makes us go.

Our latest employee spotlight features Rohan Ghosh, Elk & Elk’s director of video production and services.

Rohan Ghosh,Tell us about your role at Elk & Elk.

My role at Elk and Elk is to add great value to cases by producing documentaries that depict the challenges and life-changing scenarios that our clients face. These documentaries are styled like talk shows without the anchor being on set. (Basically, I’m not in any of my videos.)

How long have you worked at Elk & Elk?

The year I started working at Elk and Elk, the following 10 things happened.

  • The Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis collapsed.
  • Apple announced the release of the first iPhone.
  • The Mitchell Report—an investigation into the use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone in Major League Baseball—was published.
  • The Tesla Roadster began to appear at auto shows.
  • Singapore Airlines became the first airline to operate the Airbus A380-800.
  • The Departed won best picture at the Academy Awards.
  • The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl.
  • Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship.
  • Bob Knight became the winningest coach in men’s college basketball history.
  • Kevin Harvick won by 0.02s over Mark Martin at Daytona 500, the closest finish since the first race in 1959.

The answer is since 2007—it’s been a while.

What are the best parts of your job?

  • One of the best parts of this job is you are constantly learning and thinking outside the box.  As an example, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not possible to visit my clients—not a problem. All our clients have a phone. I just finished three testimonial videos using Skype and Microsoft Teams. When you are presented with major challenges in life, keep your mind open for great possibilities. Even if you don’t quite know what those possibilities are, keep your mind open—they’ll come. Grab them.
  • I like the part of the job which gives me an opportunity to be better—better interviewer, better editor, better lighting guy, better sound guy, better graphics guy, etc. Since I do the entire production myself, there are several key elements that I have to constantly work at to get better!
  • A great part of my job is that I work with people from very diverse socio-economic backgrounds. They range from folks living in rough inner cities to remote rural farmlands and everything else in between. Regardless of their background, each production will always have the same goal—to be great. And therein lies the challenge. I like the part of this job that helps me achieve this goal by overcoming various challenges.

What are the keys to success in your position?

  • Take full ownership and pride in your project.
  • Oversell and overdeliver (if you can’t do the latter, then don’t try this method).
  • Be self-reliant. If you don’t know something, you have YouTube—no excuses.
  • Train to be a  great listener. It’s a must-have skill in my position and life in general.
  • Always think two steps ahead—should any challenges arise, be prepared. (Planning three steps ahead is impossible unless you’re a genius!)

What was the first job you ever had?

The first job I ever had was with ohio.com (The Akron Beacon Journal‘s online service) when they first launched around 1998. I was proud of being a part of something special!

You have a funny story about that job

The only thing that upset me was my first paycheck! I was furious that it was a lot less than the salary I agreed to. I walked into my boss’s office and expressed my displeasure over the amount. He sat back in his reclining chair with a massive grin and said, “Ro, it’s called taxes.”

How do you spend your weekends?

Playing the guitar, enjoying a round of hack golf, biking on trails, cooking and going to the gym

What are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Movie—Cinema Paradiso; TV show—The Office

What is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

I travel extensively on YouTube with my 50 Mbps bandwidth.

What is your favorite spot in Northeast Ohio?

Nothing like chilling under the trees in Whiskey Island on a summer afternoon, playing some tunes, sipping a drink and dozing off—siesta!