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Elk + Elk Featured in Draft Day Movie (2014)

In celebration of the 2024 NFL Draft, we’re highlighting Elk + Elk’s connection to the 2014 film “Draft Day.” Our Mayfield Heights office served as a backdrop for many scenes in the movie, shot right here in northeast Ohio. From the Seattle Seahawks to the Buffalo Bills, our attorney’s offices were essential settings.

As the NFL Draft excitement builds, we’re proud to reflect on our part in bringing “Draft Day” to life. Elk + Elk is deeply rooted in Cleveland’s community, partnering with initiatives that showcase our city’s rich culture and sports heritage. Just as the draft symbolizes hope and opportunity, we stand as advocates for those in need, embodying teamwork and community spirit.

Scenes from Draft Day

Paralegal Desk

Partner John O’Neil’s Office

Managing Partner Jay Kelley’s Office

Fun fact: Jay’s wife’s picture was used in the movie.

Founding Partner Art Elk’s Office

Outside Parking Lot

Fun fact: Our employee, Rohan, was asked to be an angry Seahawks fan.


The End

If you look closely, you will see Founding Partner Art Elk! He had the privilege of playing a fan at the NFL Draft and shook hands with Arian Foster (pictured).

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