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Elk & Elk endorses candidates in Nov. 6 election

Election Day is still two weeks away, but more than 800,000 Ohioans have already cast their vote. If you are not one of those more than 800,000, Elk & Elk encourages you to research the candidates and issues and be sure to vote on Election Day.

If for some reason you cannot make it out on Election Day or just want to vote early, there are options for you. Voters choosing to vote by mail have until Saturday, Nov. 3 at noon to ask for an absentee ballot from their boards of elections. If you live in Ohio, click here to find out where your county board of elections is located.

Completed absentee ballots returned by mail must be postmarked by Monday, Nov. 5 or dropped off in person to the board of elections by the close of polls on Election Day.

If you haven’t already voted, please be sure to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at your local polling place. At Elk & Elk, we believe very strongly in the Democratic process and urge everyone to do their part by casting their vote.

Based on their experience, dedication and commitment to the individual civil rights of all Ohioans, Elk & Elk supports the following candidates in the Nov. 6 election:

For Justice of the Supreme Court

  • Mike Skindell
  • William M. O’Neill
  • Yvette McGee Brown

For Judge of the Court of Appeals (8th District)

  • Frank D. Celebrezze Jr.
  • Tim McCormack
  • Eileen T. Gallagher
  • Mary J. Boyle

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division)

  • Joseph D. Russo
  • Stuart A. Friedman
  • Michael Jackson
  • Timothy McCormick
  • John P. O’Donnell
  • Daniel Gaul
  • Dean W. Van Dress
  • John D. Sutula
  • Carolyn B. Friedland
  • Shirley Strickland Saffold
  • Janet R. Burnside
  • Joan Synenberg
  • Colleen Ann Reali
  • Robert C. McClelland
  • Steve Gall

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Juvenile Division)

  • Frankie Goldberg
  • Alison Nelson Floyd
  • Thomas F. O’Malley
  • Michael John Ryan

Other Non-Judicial candidates we support:

For U.S. Senator

  • Sherrod Brown

For Representative to Congress (14th District)

  • David P. Joyce

For State Senator (24th District)

  • Thomas F. Patton

For State Representative (6th District)

  • Anthony Fossaceca

For Prosecuting Attorney (Cuyahoga County)

  • Timothy J. McGinty

Post by Arthur Elk