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Don’t discount boat safety

Now that warm weather has finally arrived, time on the lake is a tempting way to spend another Ohio summer.

Before setting out, it’s important to remember boating season offers its own unique challenges and risks. A few precautions before you hit the water can help make your summer one to remember, instead of one to forget.

Wear a life jacket

This is the most important and probably easiest safety measure any boater can take. No matter how strong your swimming skills are, there are times when you simply need assistance.

When boating at night or alone, it’s important to have a life jacket on. If you’re boating in cold water or fast-moving currents, it’s also a good idea to keep a life jacket secured.

Wearing a life jacket that is up-to-date and fits is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself while boating.

Have a “float time”

Boating can be a great escape. So much so that sometimes people don’t even know you’ve gone out.

If you’re spending a day on the water or chasing fish, make sure you tell someone when you expect to return.

Having someone who knows you’re on the boat ensures that you will receive timely assistance should your motor quit or if you need medical assistance.

Boat sober

Boating while intoxicated is dangerous and illegal. While you may have an idea of your limits on land, your body processes alcohol differently on a boat.

Due to the swaying nature of the water, alcohol will affect you in different ways when on the lake. Keep this in mind, and always have a sober driver when on the water.

Drinking while on the water can also cause rapid dehydration. Being in (or surrounded by) water can put off any feelings of thirst.

Combine this with the bright sun and you can sweat out water very quickly. Always pay attention to how much water you are drinking and stay hydrated when on the boat.

Boating is an amazing escape from the hot Ohio summer, when done right. These easy steps can keep you safe on the water all summer.

If you have any questions around boating injuries, a dedicated personal injury attorney can help.