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Did Your Doctor Lie in Your Medical Malpractice Case?


Ohio attorney David Elk recalls a case in which a woman developed breast cancer and the doctors failed to diagnose her in a timely fashion. And unfortunately, that’s not the worst part.

We expect doctors and other healthcare professionals to have our best interest at heart and to be completely honest. Unfortunately, there are times when doctors lie to protect themselves and that can put others in harm’s way.

During a medical malpractice case, we may need to talk to medical staff during questioning for our investigations or during the deposition process.

During any deposition, our objective is to the get each version of the incident from every single person involved in your lawsuit. We ask every question that pertains to the case and document the answers. What we’re looking for is the truth regarding your incident – but we also compare depositions to testimony given during trial. Sometimes we find that the answers from the depositions do not match those given at trial.

At this point, we know something in the case is off. Conflicting testimony can severely undermine the credibility of a witness. If the witness can lie about one thing, they can be lying about any aspect of the case. There are also situations in which doctor a doctor may tell the truth during a deposition, but takes steps to hide facts during trial. In one such case, a doctor in a medical group actually took a document used in deposition and altered it while the rest of the legal staff and judge were out of the room taking a break. It’s this type of senseless action that can put your case – and life – in serious jeopardy.

It’s important to seek the legal advice of an attorney who understands all facets of medical malpractice and personal injury law. Whether a defendant withholds the truth, alters documents or is telling an outright lie, you need someone protecting you and your family after you’ve been injured.

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Dave Elk