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When Could A Passenger Be Responsible For An Accident?

Riding with other people in the car is something many of us do every day, whether the other people in the car are our children, carpoolers, friends or an Uber driver. In fact, it may be more common than ever for people to ride-share or carpool.

Considering how often people ride in the car with others, it can be crucial to understand the risks that passengers can present. Studies show that riding with more than one passenger can double the likelihood of an accident. Knowing this can help drivers and passengers alike adjust their behaviors to stay safer.

When people are good passengers, they can keep everyone safer. Following these tips can make our rides more peaceful and help prevent serious car crashes. If you have been involved in a passenger-related accident, contact a Cincinnati car accident lawyer today.

How to avoid passenger problems

The main problem that passengers present is distraction to a driver. Occupants who are loud, wild, annoying or causing a driver stress can make it incredibly difficult for him or her to focus on driver.

Therefore, as a passenger, you should:

  • Remain calm
  • Allow the driver to focus on the road instead of weighing in on a conversation or looking at something on your phone
  • Keep your voice at a reasonable level
  • Offer to help the driver with directions or phone messages
  • Refrain from moving around the car

As a driver, you can help your passengers by:

  • Requiring them to wear their seat belts
  • Pulling over if a disruption occurs
  • Securing children and pets properly
  • Asking passengers right away to stop distracting behaviors

Talking to teens, young children

These tips can be easy for most adults to appreciate and follow. However, it can be more difficult for young people.

As such, parents and other adults should make a concerted effort to set a good example for young passengers. Explain that driving requires your full attention, and that non-emergency requests will have to wait. And if you have a new driver in the family, you might consider setting rules against having more than one passenger in the car for a period.