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The Dangers of Untrained Semi-Truck Drivers

by Arthur Elk

truck5How are you behind the wheel of a moving truck? If you’re like most people, you probably have to take extra precautions because you’re a little unsteady at the wheel. Now imagine that you’re driving an 18-wheeler and are trying to navigate 80,000 pounds of metal and cargo. That’s about 16 times the size of an average car.

As a car accident attorney, I know that there’s a reason that truck drivers need special training to be licensed to drive an 18-wheeler. The bulk of these tractor-trailers makes them more difficult to maneuver and to drive safely. When drivers don’t get the right training, they present a serious danger on the road. About 170,000 people are injured each year in accidents involving tractor-trailers, and about 5,000 18-wheelers are involved in fatal accidents. In fact, one out of eight deaths in traffic accidents involve a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial truck.

If you are in an accident with a tractor-trailer, the truck driver is likely backed by a big corporation and its insurance company, both of which are going to do everything in their power to deny you compensation for your injuries and damages to your vehicle. I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my practice. Working with a qualified car accident attorney means that you have a tough, legal advocate working to protect your rights. I have made it my career to fight for the rights of people like you who have been injured in accidents involving tractor-trailers — many times because the driver lacked the proper training. Don’t let someone else’s carelessness ruin your life. Work with an experienced Cleveland truck accident lawyer who can fight on your behalf.