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Dancing doctor faces multiple lawsuits, has her license suspended

Two of the most important tenets of medical care are trust and privacy. When medical workers violate the trust or privacy of a patient, his or her health and rights could be put in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, this happens far too often when reckless or negligent care providers, medical staff and hospitals fail to take their role in protecting patients seriously. Recently, for instance, a doctor was sued by seven patients who claim she violated their privacy and/or committed malpractice during surgical operations.

The “dancing doctor”

According to reports, the doctor uploaded photos and videos of her surgery to various social media sites. In the video below from Inside Edition, she is dancing, rapping and singing for the camera, all while she had surgical patients on her table.

Doctor tone deaf on risks to patient safety

Despite the numerous lawsuits against her and the recent suspension of her medical license, the doctor still argues that she did nothing wrong. Her patients and their families couldn’t disagree more.

The lawsuits against the doctor say that she violated patient privacy by posting videos of the surgeries online without patient consent. They say they also suffered devastating injuries and scars stemming from medical errors and negligence that threatened patient safety, regardless of whether the doctor was acting out for a video at the time.

Holding medical workers accountable for similar violations

When doctors, nurses or any other medical worker violates patient privacy or fails to deliver a standard level of care, they can and should be held accountable. Patients and their families can do this by filing a legal claim.

Filing a malpractice lawsuit can also help victims and their loved ones recover damages they may need and deserve.

Should any person have questions about legal claims based on violations of patient rights or doctor misconduct, it can be wise to consult an attorney for answers.