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Common Causes of Plane Crashes

by Arthur M. Elk

When people think of plane crashes, it usually involves big accidents on commercial airliners. These accidents, such as the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, are front page news that hit on many individuals’ underlying fear of flying. However, many accidents also occur on small private or charter airplanes. Regardless of the type of plane on which one sustains an injury or fatality, it is key to have an accident lawyer who can professionally and knowledgeably address the specific needs of your case.

Compared to other methods of transportation, air travel is quite safe and well regulated to protect its passengers. Nonetheless, crashes continue to occur resulting in incredible tragedy, like that experienced at the Dayton Air Show in 2013. In Ohio alone, the National Transportation Safety Board has recorded over 300 plane crashes since 2005, with 50 of them resulting in fatalities.

There are two primary reasons for aviation accidents: human error and structural failure. Bad weather, errors by Air Traffic Control, negligent maintenance work, and birds can also cause aviation accidents. According to Boeing, crashes occur most often during the landing. When building a case in the aftermath of an crash, a qualified accident lawyer will investigate the cause of the accident and tailor their arguments accordingly.

Aviation law poses a unique set of challenges and complexities and requires extensive investigation that can only be properly handled by an accident lawyer experienced in this field. A skilled lawyer can construct the best case to help you and your family receive the highest compensation possible.